Lawn Games


These extremely rare vintage Skittles are beautifully crafted with style.

These Skittles come on a vintage/rustic alley with part sides and guarantee to bring the fun to your day.

Skittles: 1ft (h) x 10cm (w)

Alley: 10ft (L) x 3ft (w)

Style: Reclaimed wood coated in natural bees’ wax

Tumble Tower

An absolute classic that will bring back childhood memories for all. The ultimate test of skill, patience & strategy and will sure to bring out the competitive side of some guests albeit a LOT of fun!

A brilliant prop for creating those in the moment photo opportunities. Suitable for all ages.

Individual Blocks: 15cm (L) x 5cm (w) x 4cm (d)

Tower: Over 5ft (h)

Style: New Zealand pine coated in natural bees’ wax

Bag Toss

Such a simple game that requires you to throw bean bags into buckets, simple right? Not true! If your guests want to score high points, then the bucket size becomes much smaller, increasing the difficulty.

This game is suitable for all ages, simply by decreasing the distance to the buckets.

Comes supplied with 9 brown premium quality Bean Bags

Style: Reclaimed wood coated in natural bees’ wax

Coconut Shy

When you think of funfairs this is usually one of those games that you first think of! Arguably our most popular game, and why wouldn’t it.

Throwing bean bags at coconuts is very therapeutic and guests are sure to rise to the challenge of trying to knock them all off. With different heights of coconuts, it makes it suitable for all ages.

Comes supplied with 9 brown premium quality Bean Bags & 6 Coconuts, plus 4 spares.

Style: Reclaimed wood coated in natural bees’ wax


Who knew those little ducks would provide so much fun! Our Hook-A-Duck is simply a classic! Regardless of your age, it’s near impossible to resist a go at hooking a duck with a rod.

Our handcrafted hessian rods of various sizes make it suitable for everyone to enjoy and each duck comes with a number underneath to help tally scores.

We even give you the option of beat the clock with a 1-minute sand timer, which is perfect for those competitive guests amongst the party

Comes supplied with a minimum of 20 ducks and 4 rods of various sizes ranging from 2ft – 4ft


Another classic that your guests won’t be able to get enough of. With each point having a separate value/score, it’s a game that can be played just casually or competitively.

This style of games is simply brilliant for action shot pictures because of the throwing motions and hoops bouncing off the rim.

Quoits: 37cm (w) x 37cm (L) x 18cm (h)

Rope Rings x 4 

Splat The Rat

This truly vintage game is stacks of fun. Imagine yourself trying to hit a ‘rat like toy’ that falls down a drainpipe and you need to hit it with a bat!

Well imagine no longer, because you and your guests can live it for real! This hilarious game is a test of accuracy and timing. Can you splat the rat?

7ft (h) x 3ft (w)

Style: Reclaimed wood coated in natural bees’ wax

Included: 2 x Bats and 2 Rats

Tin Can Alley

How do you take a wedding up a level? With Tin Can Alley of course! This addictive game is just something else. Our rustic style Tin Can Alley can be personalised too.

Imagine being able to throw bean bags at your guests faces printed on the side of the Tin Cans or have your new name printed on the side for all your guests to see! This is next level gaming!


2 x 10 Tin cans

Personalised Tin Cans are an additional charge