Til Death Do Us Party

This sign is an accurate statement for those who thrive off fun and what better way to bring in the evening party with this extremely eye-catching neon sign. 

Compatible with all our backdrops, you can tailor the backdrop to suit your setup.


Size: 70cm (H) x 110cm (W)

Material: White Neon Flex on clear Perspex

Crazy In Love

Our pink Crazy in Love Neon Sign is popular for either behind the top table mounted on one of our backdrops or frames or set aside of the dancefloor ready to light up the dancefloor. 

Size: 70cm (H) x 125cm (W)

Material: Pink Neon Flex on clear Perspex

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After never looked so good! Such a beautiful and romantic neon sign that utilises pure white Neon Flex and will literally set you up for a bright future, as a married couple. This is most popular on our copper frame but is compatible with all other backdrops!

Size: 90cm (H) x 90cm (W)

Material: White Neon Flex on clear Perspex

Neon Love heart

Our Neon Heart is just stunning, and this beauty is a massive 4ft wide! The ultimate sign for making a statement on your special day! This is a bespoke one of a kind sign, inspired by the popular TV show, Love Island. 

Compatible with our white wooden frame, foliage backdrop and white mesh moon gate. If this sign is your type on paper, then get in touch today.

Size: 85cm (H) x 137cm (W)

Material: Pink Neon Flex on clear Perspex